An exciting art adventure waits at Little Creatures Collective!

Each school holidays, Little Creatures Collective offers unique and engaging art activities that are sure to inspire!

Students have the option of doing a single 2-4hr session or a full day booking (for 8-12 years only)  which are set to run on the 5th, 7th & 12th of April from 9am-4pm. Full day bookings need to bring a packed lunch to have during the break. 

Session are broken up into age specific classes:

4-6 years 2hr Workshop $44 SOLD OUT

7-12 Years 3hr Workshop $66 SOLD OUT

8-12 Years 3hr Workshop $66, Full Day 7hrs $110 SOLD OUT

12-15 Years 4hr Workshop $88 SOLD OUT

Workshop fee covers all materials, including art smocks. There is also a healthy snack of fruit & popcorn for each student to nourish their creativity.

See below for our current Holiday Program offering. Holiday Programs are listed from oldest to youngest age group, with Teens at the top and Littles at the bottom.

New sessions will be added as sessions fill up. If you can't find what you're after or have any questions, please email [email protected] 


Holiday Programs

Scheduled Classes

The Creation of Character & the use of Found Objects: Hannakin Workshop (11-14 Years)

Hanna Mancini is the versatile creative behind popular Melbourne label 'Hannakin'. Her work, which spans multiple mediums including sweet watercolour and collage illustrations, as well as hand sewn soft sculptures incorporating new and up-cycled materials, has been exhibited all over Australia and internationally, and she regularly attends local and interstate design events with her whimsical illustrations and handmade creations.

In this 4hr workshop, students will be inspired by Hanna's work, specifically her creation character across different mediums with collage and working with textiles, and look at her creation of imaginary worlds where these creatures come to life. Students will work alongside Hanna and Beck to learn that found objects and old materials which have a past life, can inspire the creation of new works and ideas, as well as bring interesting textures into often flat, new materials.

Techniques: illustration and collage with watercolour, ink and recycled papers. Embroidery, stitching and sewing with recycled fabrics and felt.

Materials: paper, card, ink, glue, watercolour, fabric, felt, thread, needles, buttons.

DATE: Monday 3rd April

DURATION: 4 hours

TEACHER: Hanna Mancini

COST: $88

AGE: 11-14 Years

Minimum 8-12 (max) students